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DVD Compatible Players information

Some old-model DVD players do not play DVD-R's

Get the Test DVD


In order to avoid disappointment and unnecessary expenses, please make sure that your DVD player can play DVD-R's.


There are thousands of DVD player models.  A list of all compatible/incompatible players on this Web Site would be incomplete and impossible to maintain up to date.


There is a much more accurate method of determining if your player is compatible: get our Test DVD.  If it plays on your machine, you know your machine is compatible.  If it doesn't play, take it to your favorite store, pop it in a DVD player.  If in plays correctly and you like the deck, buy it.  You know with certainty that you will not have any compatibility problems with that deck (and future decks).

How to tell if your DVD player (or the player you plan on buying) plays DVD-R's

Get the Test DVD

The most reliable method: send $5 for our "Test DVD".  We'll send you the DVD.  If it plays on your machine, you know all our conversions to DVD will play just fine.  If it doesn't play on your machine, you may be able to get a very cheap unit that will play DVD-R's.  There are many models under $99.  Take the Test DVD  to any retailer and ask them to play the DVD.  If it plays, Bingo!  You found your machine.

Less reliable methods: look in the DVD player manual (or ask Technical Support of the manufacturer, or the retailer) if the player will play DVD-R's.  Unless you see it printed in the manual, this is less reliable than the "Test CD" because unfortunately some tech support people do not know all the capabilities of their machines.  Even worse, many salespeople have no idea what an DVD-R is and their answer is a guess (I guess they do, ma'am).  Right. . .

Pioneer DVD Players: we have tested a number of DVD players.  One brand played DVD-R's across all models: Pioneer.  If you are unable (or unwilling) to go around testing DVD players, get a Pioneer DVD player.  It is a very good brand and all the models we tested played DVD-R's.  

Get the Test DVD


Customer Comments

* Thank you for your speedy service. We can't express the appreciation we have in your work. You think you simply transferred a video to disc; you did much more than that: you made it possible for us to view life long memories of pleasantness. We have waited for years to view what your service did and the finished product was better than what we sent to you. Thanks, *
                                                              R. C. @dialoregon.net

* I used your service twice in the last few months and I give you high marks. You service is courteous and efficient. The tracking via your web-site is also great. Thanks and best regards, *
                                                               H. H. Fredon, NJ

* To the Folks at CVC Productions Cristian Coban I just received and played your transfer from an old laser video disc to a DVD of a classic performance by the legendary violinist Ruggiero Ricci and must express to you my deep admiration for your professionalism and dependability. The presentation as well as the quality of your transfer from that arcane medium to a DVD was superb, magnificent. I am looking forward to locating more such treasures for you to bring to life. Yours sincerely, *
                                                               J. R., Los Angeles, CA


Transfers to DVD  Formats we can transfer (convert) to DVD:
      Tape to DVD Transfers 
Video tape formats:
            VHS to DVD conversion  VHS (NTSC, SECAM or PAL)
            miniDV and DV transfer to DVD  DV and miniDV (NTSC or PAL)
            Digital8 transfers to DVD  Digital 8 (NTSC or PAL)
            Hi8 tape Video8 tape transfers to DVD  Hi8 and video8 (NTSC or PAL)
            DVCAM transfer to DVD  DVCAM (NTSC)
            Beta tape transferred to DVD  Beta (Betamax) (NTSC, SECAM or PAL)
            Beta tape transferred to DVD  SuperBeta (High Band Beta) (NTSC, SECAM or PAL)
            Beta tape transferred to DVD  ED Beta (Extended Definition Beta, EDBeta) (NTSC)
            SVHS video tape transfer to DVD  SVHS (NTSC, SECAM or PAL)
            SuperBeta transfers to DVD  SuperBeta (NTSC)
            BetaSP (Betacam SP) transfers to DVD  Beta SP (Betacam SP) (NTSC)
      Video disc transfers to DVD 
Video Disc formats:
            DVD conversions  DVD PAL to DVD NTSC or DVD NTSC to DVD PAL (NTSC or PAL)
            LaserDisc transfers to DVD  LaserDisc (NTSC or PAL)
            VCD transfers to DVD  VCD (Video CD) (NTSC or PAL)
NTSC PAL SECAM conversion to DVD 
FREE conversion
PAL/SECAM to NTSC or NTSC/SECAM to PAL.  If your transfer to DVD involves changing from PAL/SECAM to NTSC (or vice versa), we do not charge for the standards conversion.  (NTSC is the television standard used in North America, PAL is used in Europe and much of the world, SECAM is used in France and other countries) 
You may submit your master in either PAL, SECAM VHS/BETA or NTSC.  (NOTE: selected formats are available only in NTSC.  Please see Formats)  
NTSC DVD PAL DVD  You may order your final DVD in either NTSC or PAL.  Same price.

LP, Cassette, 8-track, 78rpm Transfers to CD
More info:    LP2CD



Before tape, there was WIRE.
BBC used it in WWII, many families had home wire recorders.
WIRE is the grandfather of all magnetic recordings.
We now offer a transfer service for your Wire recordings.

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