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Transfers to DVD - Shipping Information

Use a safe method of shipping your original video recordings to us.

A TRACKABLE method is preferred.  You will know at all times where your videos are.

Use good judgment when preparing the shipping box:

Better to OVERPACK than to UNDERPACK.

DO NOT ship tapes in paper envelopes!

DO NOT ship LaserDiscs in envelopes or flat boxes that do not provide sufficient padding and strength.

For return, BY DEFAULT (unless you tell us otherwise) we ship:


You may select optional $100 INSURANCE.

The $100 insurance makes sure that:

The Post Office will treat your shipment VERY CAREFULLY!

Signature will be required for delivery, so make sure you have a trusted person at home to accept delivery.

If nobody is home, the mailman will leave a note.  You may pick up the package at the post office, or request re-delivery.

We can ship by any other method.  Just make sure you request your preferred method in the Special Instructions box on the order form.  If your shipping method costs more than calculated by our order form, we will charge the actual shipping cost + approx $6.

Questions?  Write us at:

Customer Comments

* Cristian, I received the DVD and returned laserdisc yesterday. I am extremely pleased with the result. The formatting is excellent and the layer change is unnoticeable. Many thanks for your professional service both technically and commercially. I would have no hesitation in using and/or referring your services to others in the future. Regards, *
                                                               B. Q., Melbourne, Australia

* Just want to thank you for setting up the order form so it can be used to calculate without actually ordering. It is SO refreshing to be able to estimate the cost of a service without having to register and log in and accept cookies and all that nonsense. In fact, I often leave a site if I have to go through all that just to find out my costs. KUDOS TO YOU! I didn't read carefully, so it took me a couple of tries to realize I had to select a radio button (duh) to get items into the shopping cart, but I was reassured by your friendly note at the bottom to just email you if need be. Have to say I am impressed by the customer-friendly approach of your site. *
                                                               T. B.

* I recently got my my order back from your service, and I must say I am *extremely* pleased with the quality of the transfers. I have been heartily recommending your service to others, and will look forward to doing business with your team again. Thanks! *


Transfers to DVD  Formats we can transfer (convert) to DVD:
      Tape to DVD Transfers 
Video tape formats:
            VHS to DVD conversion  VHS (NTSC, SECAM or PAL)
            miniDV and DV transfer to DVD  DV and miniDV (NTSC or PAL)
            Digital8 transfers to DVD  Digital 8 (NTSC or PAL)
            Hi8 tape Video8 tape transfers to DVD  Hi8 and video8 (NTSC or PAL)
            DVCAM transfer to DVD  DVCAM (NTSC)
            Beta tape transferred to DVD  Beta (Betamax) (NTSC, SECAM or PAL)
            Beta tape transferred to DVD  SuperBeta (High Band Beta) (NTSC, SECAM or PAL)
            Beta tape transferred to DVD  ED Beta (Extended Definition Beta, EDBeta) (NTSC)
            SVHS video tape transfer to DVD  SVHS (NTSC, SECAM or PAL)
            SuperBeta transfers to DVD  SuperBeta (NTSC)
            BetaSP (Betacam SP) transfers to DVD  Beta SP (Betacam SP) (NTSC)
      Video disc transfers to DVD 
Video Disc formats:
            DVD conversions  DVD PAL to DVD NTSC or DVD NTSC to DVD PAL (NTSC or PAL)
            LaserDisc transfers to DVD  LaserDisc (NTSC or PAL)
            VCD transfers to DVD  VCD (Video CD) (NTSC or PAL)
NTSC PAL SECAM conversion to DVD 
FREE conversion
PAL/SECAM to NTSC or NTSC/SECAM to PAL.  If your transfer to DVD involves changing from PAL/SECAM to NTSC (or vice versa), we do not charge for the standards conversion.  (NTSC is the television standard used in North America, PAL is used in Europe and much of the world, SECAM is used in France and other countries) 
You may submit your master in either PAL, SECAM VHS/BETA or NTSC.  (NOTE: selected formats are available only in NTSC.  Please see Formats)  
NTSC DVD PAL DVD  You may order your final DVD in either NTSC or PAL.  Same price.

The message below is updated each time there is a change in the status of our service.  If you wonder if we are in business, the answer is: Yes we are, and this is the status of our service:

:   Operating at 100%

We are accepting new orders and providing phone and email support.  Orders already into the system, as well as new orders, will be processed in order received, in the shortest possible time.  For 4 days turnaround (72 or 48 hours), please use one of our RUSH Service options.
We thank all our clients for your tremendous support.
All the best,
Cristian Coban, Ph.D.
President, CVC Productions

LP, Cassette, 8-track, 78rpm Transfers to CD
More info:    LP2CD



Before tape, there was WIRE.
BBC used it in WWII, many families had home wire recorders.
WIRE is the grandfather of all magnetic recordings.
We now offer a transfer service for your Wire recordings.

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