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Please feel free to use the order form as a calculator, and to try any price combinations.  You can not "mess up" anything, you will not be charged anything.  If you don't want to send the order through just don't click on the last "Submit Order" button. 

Our goal is to have zero missed orders due to the Order Form.  In order to do that, we are offering the following alternatives:

If you find this order form too complicated, please call in your order at 800-778-9043;  

If you are sure that we DO provide the service you require and are familiar with our pricing structure, you may ship your recordings directly to us with instructions, contact information and payment information (credit card number, expiration, billing address).  We'll run the order form for you when we receive your recordings;

Please help us improve this order form; report any trouble to: info@lp2cd.com

 Puzzled?  Confused?  Not comfortable ordering online? 

No problem. 
Questions? - Inquiries line: 407-292-1151
Ordering? - Phone Orders line: 800-778-9043 (we'll take your order by phone)
(9 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time, M-F)


Our mailing address:
CVC Productions, LP2CD Division
2757 Park Royal Drive
Windermere, FL.   34786

-- Guidelines for Phone Support:  Phone support is provided 9-5 Eastern Time, (M-F). The phones are answered by studio personnel.  Studio time is very precious.  We kindly ask that questions be limited to items that can not be found on the Web site.  There is ample information on the site about pricing (including a price calculator), services offered, processes and policies, order tracking (including our Order Tracking System and automatic email notifications). Inquiring about the status of an order? Use our Order Tracking System instead of calling.  Thanks.
-- Guidelines for Email Support
:  Please read the Web site information before emailing.  We answer email questions about items that can not be found on the Web site.   We will answer your initial email plus one follow up.
Will our return email reach you? (we will be unable to fill out spam-blocker approval request forms)
-- Guidelines concerning Turnaround Time
:  "Normal" turnaround time is an average.  Like a busy Interstate, we have peak times, traffic jams and light traffic days.  Just as on a highway it is not productive to get stressed out or to yell and scream when the traffic is heavy, it is not productive to get stressed out  if an order is caught in traffic and is not completed in the "average" turnaround time.  It is in everybody's interest that each order is processed carefully.  Phone or email inquiries about the status of an order clog the system and slow down everyone's order.  Our on-line Order Tracking System provides detailed information, is free and automatic.  (Please note that the STUDIO PROCESSING phase is the longest, and occasionally orders spend what seems like a long time there)
We kindly ask our customers to use the on-line Order Tracking System instead of calling for status updates. "Normal turnaround" too long? Use our RUSH Service for 1 week (or 72 hours) turnaround time.
-- Email communication:  It is essential that we have good email communication with our clients. Email is our preferred form of communication. Because of various email filters we are having increasing trouble communicating via email and you may never see our email answer to your question. Please be sure to open a clear path for email from our domains to reach you (we will be unable to fill out spam-blocker approval request forms, etc.). Incidentally, we do not maintain or sell mailing lists, so you do not have to fear that we will use your email for SPAM.


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