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DVD Labeling
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Simple Graphics Package
the "THRIFTY" package

The DVD inside the case


This is what the DVD will look like inside the case:

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bulletClick below for a detailed look at the DVD:
DVD Transfers - DVD detail - Click to for larger image
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bulletATTENTION:  We do not use flimsy, glue-on labels.  We print the labeling information DIRECTLY ON the DVD itself.  No danger of the label peeling off.  

Customer Comments

* My wife and I have experienced the thrill of our life, seeing our now 22 year old daughter and 18 year old son's collection of infant birthday parties, transferred from the now extinct Beta Tape format, to crystal clear DVD. It was hard to hold back the tears of joy seeing these forgotten videos. It brought back so many memories and joys seeing what we thought had been lost forever. We can't thank you enough but to say we will be sending you some of our 8mm film movies soon. Forever grateful, *
B.L., Byfield, MA

* Dear CVC Productions, Great job on the video transferring! I certainly appreciate all the help and have enjoyed doing business with you. You will certainly be kept in mind for future projects. Thanks again, and take care. *
B.P., Warren Pumps, Warren, MA

* Received your PAL to NTSC conversion of the Kenneth More version of "The 39 Steps." The conversion was excellent with an unexpected transfer of Taina Elg and Kenneth More's images on the face of the DVD. Great job. Thanks, *
J.McG., @creativeworlds.com

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Before tape, there was WIRE.
BBC used it in WWII, many families had home wire recorders.
WIRE is the grandfather of all magnetic recordings.
We now offer a transfer service for your Wire recordings.

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