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Don't let your memories fade away!

Video transfer to DVD  ATTENTION:  Your memories are in danger of fading away on that old VHS tape!
      Video tape to DVD Transfer  SOLUTION: 
A video transfer to DVD! (video transfer 2 DVD = t2DVD)
      LaserDiscs Transfers  HOW? 
Send us your old video tapes, home videos (or Laser Discs), and we will convert them to DVD.  See details about how it's done.
      Cheap transfers to DVD  EXPENSIVE? 
Not at all!.  See our prices.
      High quality DVD transfers  QUALITY? 
Superb!  No "generation loss" for VHS, Beta,  Hi8 and LaserDisc transfers to DVD.  An Extreme Quality transfer!  See our services.

            miniDV to DVD conversions  Digital formats (miniDV, DV, DVCAM, Digital8) are transferred to DVD completely in the digital domain.  There is no intermediate conversion to analog!


Cheap DVD transfers  DVD Transfer THRIFTY PACKAGE:  very affordable, the best value on the Internet!
Home MoviesTransfers to DVD 
DVD Transfer 
PRETTY PACKAGE:  beautiful to look at and treasure!
Rush transfers to DVD  In a RUSH?  See our order RUSH Services, for turnaround down to 48 hours! 

DVD Transfers - Click for Enhanced Graphics Package DVD Transfers - Click for Simple Graphics Package
PRETTY PACKAGE:  beautiful to look at and treasure THRIFTY PACKAGE:  the best value on the Internet


Transfer your precious video tapes to DVD!
t2DVD = 

Safe video tape transfer  IS IT SAFE?  Yes, it is completely safe.  See details about shipping
Quick transfers to DVD 
DOES IT TAKE LONG?  Not at all.  Average turnaround for your video transfer to DVD: 1 week.  However, if you are in even more of a rush, RUSH Services are available for even quicker turnaround: your videos transferred in 4 work days, 72 or 48 hours!
Highly compatible DVD transfers  WILL MY DVD PLAYER PLAY YOUR DVD TRANSFERS?  If you have a newer model DVD player: Definitely!  Please read about DVD player compatibility.  If in doubt, order our Test Video DVD.
Edit your DVD transfers  WILL I BE ABLE TO EDIT VIDEO FROM YOUR DVD'S?  Yes: we do not encrypt our DVD's, there are two options:
      Expert video transfers to DVD  Option #1.  Does your video editing package import video from DVD's?  If the answer is YES, you may be able to import video directly from the Video DVD into your editing video program. If in doubt, order our Test Video DVD and test your setup.
      Expert video transfers to DVD  Option #2.  Order a Data DVD copy.  See details here.  If in doubt, order our Test data DVD for video editing and test your setup.

      Expert video transfers to DVD  Who are we?
      Tape to DVD transfers  Video formats
we accept for transfer to DVD
      DVD conversions  Facts
about DVD transfers

Quality Transfer 2 DVD  WHY SELECT for your video transfers?

Dual-Layer DVD (double layer DVD)  NEW: Dual-layer DVD (double layer DVD) conversions for LaserDisc transfers!
Beta (Betamax) PAL transfers 
NEW: ED Beta (Extended Definition Beta) now accepted as video master source!
Beta (Betamax) PAL transfers 
NEW: Beta (Betamax) PAL now accepted as video master source!
LaserDisc PAL transfers  NEW: LaserDisc PAL now accepted as video master source!
Beta (Betamax) SECAM transfers  NEW: Beta (Betamax) SECAM now accepted as video master source!
VHS SECAM transfers  NEW: VHS SECAM now accepted as video master source!
BETA SP BETACAM SP transfers  NEW: BETA SP (BETACAM SP) now accepted as video master source!

SECAM transfers  NEW: DATA DVD for editing!
SECAM transfers  NEW: Gift Certificates

The message below is updated each time there is a change in the status of our service.  If you wonder if we are in business, the answer is: Yes we are, and this is the status of our service:

:   Operating at 100%

At this time we are booked with work commitments until September 1, 2016. Please feel free to submit orders now for processing in September. Please DO NOT PLACE AN ORDER at this time if it must be processed BEFORE September 2016. Our typical quoted turnaround times will NOT apply before September but will return as soon as possible in September. Your credit card payment will be processed (or check deposited) at the time when the order is actually processed.

If you wonder "Is it worth submitting an order now and waiting for processing in September?", we think YES. We have hundreds of loyal customers who would not think of sending their work to anyone else but to us and they think that the wait is worthwhile. Submitting your order now, early "in line", will ensure much quicker processing in September.

Should you place an order now, please remember: our Receiving Department will accept and date-stamp packages received for processing in order in which they are received. The packages WILL NOT be entered into our Order Tracking System until early September 2016 (please do not panic if you do not see your order in the Order Tracking System or are informed by your shipper that your package is being held for delivery). Please note that email inquiries received before September 2016 will be answered September 2016. Phone support is not available now but will resume in September.

We thank all our clients for your tremendous support!
All the best,

Cristian Coban, Ph.D.
President, CVC Productions

ATTENTION:   We have crafted a reference section of
links to related sitesEnjoy!


LaserDisc transfer to DVD  Transfer to DVD your entire LaserDisc collection.
Video tape transfer to DVD  Put on DVD your aging tape collection, before it's too late:
      Wedding tape transfer to DVD  Wedding
      Bar Mitzvah tape transfer to DVD  Bar Mitzvah
      Video to DVD  Baby Christening
      VHS-C to DVD conversion  Baby's first steps
      SVHS transfers to DVD  Prom, Reunion or Office Party
      Special event tapes transferred to DVD  High School, Boot-Camp or College Graduation tape
      Party tapes transferred to DVD  New Year's, Halloween, 4th of July party
      Family videos transfers to DVD  Your "Historical Events" tape collection will last much longer on DVD
Travel videos transfer to DVD  All those trips, to Italy, China or Yellowstone.
Video tape transfers to DVD  Any precious tape you are afraid to play on a VCR (because of wear, or because the machine may "eat" the tape can be transferred to DVD.
Presentations on DVD  Put on DVD your video presentation.  (Of course, the laptop or desktop you will play the DVD on must have a DVD drive and DVD playback software).


Transfers to DVD  Formats we can transfer (convert) to DVD:
      Tape to DVD Transfers 
Video tape formats:
            VHS to DVD conversion  VHS (NTSC, SECAM or PAL)
            miniDV and DV transfer to DVD  DV and miniDV (NTSC or PAL)
            Digital8 transfers to DVD  Digital 8 (NTSC or PAL)
            Hi8 tape Video8 tape transfers to DVD  Hi8 and video8 (NTSC or PAL)
            DVCAM transfer to DVD  DVCAM (NTSC)
            Beta tape transferred to DVD  Beta (Betamax) (NTSC, SECAM or PAL)
            Beta tape transferred to DVD  SuperBeta (High Band Beta) (NTSC, SECAM or PAL)
            Beta tape transferred to DVD  ED Beta (Extended Definition Beta, EDBeta) (NTSC)
            SVHS video tape transfer to DVD  SVHS (NTSC, SECAM or PAL)
            SuperBeta transfers to DVD  SuperBeta (NTSC)
            BetaSP (Betacam SP) transfers to DVD  Beta SP (Betacam SP) (NTSC)
      Video disc transfers to DVD 
Video Disc formats:
            DVD conversions  DVD PAL to DVD NTSC or DVD NTSC to DVD PAL (NTSC or PAL)
            LaserDisc transfers to DVD  LaserDisc (NTSC or PAL)
            VCD transfers to DVD  VCD (Video CD) (NTSC or PAL)
NTSC PAL SECAM conversion to DVD 
FREE conversion
PAL/SECAM to NTSC or NTSC/SECAM to PAL.  If your transfer to DVD involves changing from PAL/SECAM to NTSC (or vice versa), we do not charge for the standards conversion.  (NTSC is the television standard used in North America, PAL is used in Europe and much of the world, SECAM is used in France and other countries) 
You may submit your master in either PAL, SECAM VHS/BETA or NTSC.  (NOTE: selected formats are available only in NTSC.  Please see Formats)  
NTSC DVD PAL DVD  You may order your final DVD in either NTSC or PAL.  Same price.

Customer Comments

                                                               M.L., CMT, LMT,

* Today I received back my Cure - Live In Japan Betamax Master and the DVD you transfered from it . I just want to say Thanks You for your excellent service , quick turn-around and for dealing nicely with my email questions. Im very satisfied wiht your work and service. Im pretty happy that finally I now have a long lasting copy of that video in an excellent quality. Thanks again and whenever I need a service like yours again I will not wait a second to use it and recommend it to everyone. Have a bice weekend and keep on the good work ! Thanks again from Germany ( I hope american / german are still friends even if our governments are not ;-) ) *
                                                               A.O., Bielefeld, GERMANY

* I just wanted to follow-up to let you know how happy I was with my recent order. I sent a PAL format video for transfer and conversion to NTSC DVD format. I was totally satisfied with both the quality of the DVD I got back and the terrific communication and tracking you provided. I would recommend your services any time. Your services allow me to view movies never released in the US: as an avid collector of vintage British movies, you can imagine how valuable I find this service. I already have several films "queued up" to send to you for conversion. Well done guys! Thank you. *
                                                               K.H., Marblehead, MA

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